Amanda Holden rushes to sister’s bedside after serious car crash

Amanda Holden rushes to sister’s bedside after serious car crash

Amanda Holden’s sister Debbie was involved in a car crash on Thursday, and the actress traveled to be with every Following the accident.

Debbie, who works as a diving instructor, it currently is reportedly in intensive care but is expected to make a full recovery. Amanda’s spokesperson confirmed that the 44-year-old is “through the worst”.
Amanda traveled to Cornwall to be with her sister

Amanda, 45, was celebrating Simon Cowell’s 57th birthday at a party on Thursday evening when she heard the news about her younger sister, and traveled from London to Cornwall to and fro by every side.

A source told The Sun: “Amanda was distraught. She immediately traveled to Cornwall to be with Debbie. It’s been a very difficult 48 hours and the whole family have been pulling together and trying to keep positive.

“Amanda is very close to her sister. They’re only a year apart and there’s something about them together which is really special. Amanda’s still with her in hospital.”


Debbie is expected to make a full recovery

Fans have been quick to send well wishes to Debbie, with one tweeting: “My thoughts are with @amandahol from and her family at this difficult time,” while another wrote: “So sorry about your sister Amanda, but so glad she’s through the worst & it is getting better. ”

This is not the first time Amanda’s sister has been in danger, as the Britain’s Got Talent judge Previously revealed that each sister was near an avalanche in Nepal that killed twenty-one people back in April.

Opening up on ITV’s This Morning, she said: “There was only four of them left at that camp because my sister was suffering so badly from altitude sickness she did not walk up to Base Camp – which actually, Potentially, might have saved all life. “

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